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Oakmount & Partners Ltd managing director Glenn King updates Proactive's Thomas Warner on Intergroup Mining's progress toward its planned listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. 
King also provides an update on Intergroup's efforts to get into production, saying that "with a push and a fair wind, [the company] should be nearing near-term production by the mid-to-tail end of July." 
Intergroup Mining Limited is an established ethical mining and exploration business committed to responsible and sustainable practices. We firmly believe at IGM that mining can and should be done to benefit both the environment and local communities. 
Intergroup's ethical practices have been well-received by local communities. They are confident that with additional funding, they will be able to expand their operations and bring their responsible mining practices to all of their projects. Investing in Intergroup promotes sustainable development while creating significant value for yourself as an investor. Additionally, Intergroup has established relationships with essential buyers in the industry, ensuring a steady revenue stream for the company as their projects advance into production. 
Oakmount and Partners Limited is a leading investment firm with a 14-year track record of success. At Oakmount, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding returns to our investors while mitigating risk through our comprehensive due diligence process. 
Our team of experienced investment professionals specialises in identifying opportunities in alternative asset classes, including real estate, renewable energy, green mining, private equity and IPOs. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only invest in assets with strong fundamentals, stable cash flows, and solid growth potential. 
It's essential for investors to carefully consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before deciding whether or not to invest in private equity or fixed-income products. 
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