Posts from August 2019

I’ve found that the more you offer support to your clients the more satisfied they become. 
Sometimes the best discoveries in understanding your customers are the result of simple 
''It is exceptionally important to appreciate the process of building long-term relationships, for it’s the very foundations upon which growth and success are built.'' 
Great relationships take time to build and once you have satisfied customers you have the best 
advertisement of all.  
We create for our clients, we need not compete. - Glenn King. 
“The ‘Regal Seven (key) Ingredients of a Successful Company’ is: 
1) Pursue the goal of 'Profit Maximisation' keeping in mind the shareholders' interests. 
2) To be achieved by developing and rendering Quality Goods and Services at a Reasonable Price. 
3) By inculcating Value and Ethics within the structure. 
4) Through Sound People Management principles devised and effectively implemented. 
5) Further organizing Learning Programs and instil the concept of ‘Learning and Earning’ 
6) Develop/Construct Customer Satisfaction. 
7) Build-Build-Build; Build vision-based values, Build your staff, Build customer satisfaction; and witness your organisation being built in the market.” 
― Henrietta Newton Martin. 
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