''All that we are and all that we ever hope to be we owe to our customers,  and our gratitude goes way beyond the gesture of saying thank you.'' 

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Margaret Linder 
I am pleased with the attention received by this company and staff for information and service given. 
It has been courteous and a pleasure to work with them. 
With many thanks 
Mr Paul Osborne 
I have to say that my experiences with Oakmount Partners have been exemplary. I have known Glen since 2014 and I’ve gotten to know and understand their organisation and business very well I would say. 
Glen has been present whenever I’ve needed guidance and I have personally felt very comfortable dealing with him and Oakmount. 
My first investment with them was a considerable sum and the results achieved from Intergroup mining and my returns have been impressive to say the least. I've since invested further because I was confident in doing so as my experiences have been great in my opinion. 
I’d have no hesitation in recommending Glen, Oakmount and can say that with how I've been cared for that their service is that of a credible and trustworthy company. 
My regards and thanks to you all. 
Mr A.Reason 
I have had the pleasure to deal with Glenn King who is very efficient and reliable in all his efforts. 
Looking forward to all that is ahead with Glenn and Oakmount. 
Brilliant service. 
Mr M.Brown 
I have been dealing with oakmount for over 4 years now. 
They have kept me abreast of everything with regular updates and I am receiving very healthy fixed income returns on my bond investments. 
I look forward to future business with them. 
Domenico Ricciardi 
I have had dealings with Oakmount, and have found there service very professional, 
honest and always updating me about my investments. 
Mr N.Green 
Always informative, polite and knowledgeable. 
I would recommend Oakmount anytime. 
Mr Blair 
Extremely professional and courteous company. 
I found them very bespoke and thorough making sure they found the best financial solution for myself. 
I look forward to continuing my relationship with Oakmount and future investments. 
Rosemary with John in mind 
We have been clients of Glenn’s since 2009 and been impressed with his professionalism and courteous nature. He’s been consistent with his efforts over the years in assisting my late Husband and I with our investments and creating regular intervals of income. 
I would personally like to express my thanks to Oakmount, Glenn, and would like to offer this as a personal reference of my experiences with them. With appreciation and thanks to you all. 
Chantelle Wilding 
Having built a relationship with Glenn over the past few years. I have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and integrity at all times... I have listened to his guidance regarding potential financial investments for myself and my family to be involved in and I have every faith in his knowledge... It has been a pleasure to get to know you. 
Mr Russell Reason 
First class company, dealt with extremely helpful people, 
with a vast knowledge of their product. 
Mrs S. Osborne 
I’m not one to write about my finances in any way but, I have been successfully trusting Glen with my inheritance money over the 5 years, 
and his skilled advice (In lay man terms as I didn’t understand how shares worked) and, knowledge has certainly given me a great return for my investment, more than I expected! 
I will continue to reap the rewards from Oakmount & Partners!! 
Thank you for all your advice and help. 
Mr Barry Conway 
Helpful, friendly and professional in all their dealings with me. 
Micheal Styring 
Really Great service, Glenn Has helped me make the most of my investment. 
He will really help get you the most for your money. 
Mr N.Miller 
I have worked with Glenn for several years and have found him to be very professional in the way he conducts himself and very reliable. 
I have no problems in recommending him to anyone. 
Sir John Aird 
May I thank you for your time and courtesy in seeing me at short notice. I have been impressed with your personable nature and furthermore with your kindness in explaining the intricate details of investment opportunities I have been keen to explore. 
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, you have been helpful, polite and considerate whenever I have called or met with you. 
Michael J E Butcher 
Please allow me to say bravo. I'm happy with how things are progressing and your attention when assisting me with my plight of finding suitable investments has been professional and honest. Thank you again for your help. 
Inga Gutbier 
I'd like to say thank you very much for your support in helping me invest with ease. You have been very considerate and happy to help me when I have needed it. I look forward to investing further and am thankful to you and Oakmount Partners for giving me this opportunity to be part of your investor members. 
Barrington Edmund Bridgeman 
Although my investment into the market has been of modest size to start with I can say my account has been handled with a professional style and the team at Oakmount and Glyn have assisted me when I've needed their time or help for anything. 
Barry Mcloed 
After completing a contact form on the web with Oakmount and Partners Ltd they contacted me and I felt at ease after a short while speaking with Mark as he did not suggest anything to me or come across as over pushy like some salespeople. Our relationship is only just beginning but I am happy with the way they have treated me. I hope this will endure and look forward to yielding the benefits as we build things overtime. 
Just wanted to say a big thank you. I invested with your company back in April 2017, to generate income and capital growth, you have helped far beyond my expectations, with courteous phone calls and honest assistance. I have expanded my investment portfolio over the last couple of years to enable my family to have a comfortable lifestyle. Many thanks again and here’s to a prosperous 2019. 
V & S 
Oak mount have been very helpful in offering their assistance and guidance to us for our investments and in providing regular income. Appreciate all of the ongoing support. Thank you. 
5 Stars. 
Nathan Sharp 
I just can't thank all the team at Oakmount and Partners for all of there help. 
Glenn and his team provided me with all the relevant info to enable me to make the right decision. 
Alan Reason 
I wish to thank you for guiding me with my investments. I have every intention of placing more funds in the near future. I appreciate the personal attention you give to my investments which are very successful. 
Glen and the team at Oakmount have been fantastic, keeping me up to speed with matters regarding my investment holdings and more importantly they have been available whenever I have needed assistance or help in any way. I have in the past made some bad investments with other companies that failed to keep their promises or went into liquidation so I have been very apprehensive in making any further investments as I'd lost any confidence I once had. 
What I felt with Oakmount was that they did not offer any investments but discussed what they do clearly by explaining how their services may be of benefit to me for seeking income. 
Glen, in particular, was the person I spoke with regularly and he took the time to come and see me in Peterborough on a number of occasions and we spent considerable time over a 3 month period discussing and considering what may work well for my portfolio whilst ruling out other things. From my experience alone I would be very happy to introduce or refer Glen & Oakmount as I personally have been more than impressed with the way they have consistently conducted themselves and how open they have been. 
Maria B 
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your help over the last two years with my investments. It has been a lovely experience to start a relationship with a team who have been very supportive and professional in helping me with choosing the right opportunities. 
Mark Taylor 
Having worked alongside the team at Oakmount for the past few months I have been very impressed with their professional attention to detail. Very professional outfit. 5 Stars. 
Reece Brayford 
At first I was unsure where to invest as some of my experiences had poor results over the years. 
I contacted Oakmount after seeing an advert on the internet and I've been dealing with Glen since that time. 
I have nothing other than good things to express about the team and in particular Glen, they spent time with me to develop my understanding of the investment world, of opportunities they had and to give me knowledge surrounding income which I require at this stage. 
It’s nice to have them assist me and work with me professionally since 2014/5 and I’m very happy and impressed with my returns and the service provided. 
Daina M Hains 
I personally feel extremely grateful to both Glen and David, not only for the immense help that they have given me in providing a solution, but for their honesty, their very pleasant demeanors and sense of security they have given to me and others in their assurance that they will continue to be there and help us as long as we need them. It has a been a great pleasure and privilege in knowing them both. 
Paul Chapman, Magi Associates 
We have acted for Oakmount and Partners Limited for 4 years. During that time we found them to be an honest and trustworthy company and in our opinion always acted with integrity. 
Michael Freestone 
As a "small" investor just dipping my toe into this market I have little to add to previous comments regarding the receipt of useful information. Some of the details may not be relevant to my investment. However, I feel content that Oakmount and Partners are looking after my investment. I am also pleased to say that I am not "pestered" by you. Some companies are too insistent. 
Rod Watts 
You always give good insights and take time to pass the day. I think your products are great and are showing a steady improvement in value. Thanks for your help, I recommend your service to any who need financial guidance or products. 
C.J.E. Jefferies 
I have been in contact with Glenn King of the Oakmount group since 2011, and have been a client for a number of years. 
Oakmount is very much a client-focused business: a company that is attentive to the investment requirements of the individual and proactive in facilitating and furthering their clients’ aims. 
Both professionally and personally Glenn King has been unfailingly helpful, courteous and friendly: attentive and efficient in conducting business, affable, personable and discreet in relationships with clients. 
Graham and Gill. 
On return to live in the UK 18 months ago, we had some capital to invest, but our knowledge of the market and the possible opportunities was virtually non-existent. After researching the possibilities, we spread our money across 3 investments, but having been the victim of fraud while abroad, we approached this with caution. 
Glenn was one of our choices and was our point of contact. 
He proved thorough and patient in assessing our needs, offered sound, practical and professional guidance, but at no point did we feel pressured. His recommendations were presented logically, with an appreciation of our needs at this stage of our lives. 
He has given freely of his time to discuss queries and has made transactions as easy as possible. What we do also appreciate is the fact that he keeps in regular contact with us, which makes us feel valued clients. So impressed with the quality of the service received we cashed in one of our original investments and reinvested with them. 
We have been impressed with the service and guidance received and have no hesitation in recommending Glenn King... In the strongest terms. 
I am clearly a newcomer to your company and so have limited experience on which to base my critique. I do however feel that feedback is essential to ensure you are delivering what the customer needs and wants. My experience with Oakmount has so far been exemplary. Your hospitality on my initial visit and your continued communications and assistance are most welcome. 
Your weekly market update email is very well received and is not only concise, informative but also makes the customer feel part of a group of like-minded individuals. 
For me personally, I am enjoying learning about financial vehicles that I was previously unaware of. I always want to learn more. I personally look forward to many more investments with your company. I cannot think of any negatives to report. 
I’d just like to say thank you for your support and guidance with our investment on behalf of our company MBS. Oakmount have been highly professional and helpful throughout the whole process. I highly recommend using Oakmount for your investment needs. Thank you Glenn. 
Laura Cattermole 
I first invested with Oakmount and Partners in 2013. 
Since then I have participated in several investments with the company and I’m very pleased with outcome and level of care I have received. 
Adrian, All Floors and More 
Oak mount have made everything very simple for me to understand when entering the maze of investments, they took there time with me building my confidence and trust. 
I'm very happy to continue my relationship with the team and expanding my investment portfolio which has been a substantial amount for me to invest. Overall I'm very satisfied with how they have handled everything. 
William A 
The service has been great, promptness in answering my questions with detailed explanations. Oakmount & Glen have been supportive and worked at my pace, only contacting me when requested so no pressure i'm happy to report. Very happy to recommend them, the team are knowledgeable and eager to assist with investments that offer a good rate of return. 
F Madison 
Thank you. Your assistance has been most welcome in helping me create additional income. Glad to say my returns have been received promptly. Keep up the good work team. 
Kate Gray 
We have worked with Glenn for many years now on different investments, always resulting in fantastic returns. The advise and care we have received has been second to none. 
Right from the very beginning Glenn has guided us carefully and explained everything to us in ways which enable us to make informed decisions and truly understand what we are doing, which has been invaluable, especially when we first started investing. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services that Glenn and Oakmount offer and we will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future. 
Alan C (UK) 
During the course of the eighteen months that I have had business dealings with your Company I can testify that both of you have always 'gone the extra mile' to deliver a high standard of service and personal satisfaction. The quality of your work and attention to detail is most impressive. I have always been treated in a professional and courteous manner. 
Whenever I have spoken to either of you by telephone you have always taken the time to address my queries to my complete satisfaction. Whenever I have communicated with you by email I have always had a timely response. On those occasions when you have been out of the office and I have left a message for you, one of you has always replied as soon as possible. 
These personal characteristics are a credit to the integrity of both yourselves and Oakmount. I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Oakmount and both of you to fellow investors and potential clients. 
B. Conway, For Cooper Paul 
We have found the Company to be honest, responsible and trustworthy and in our opinion, they act with integrity. Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Tony & Sandy Searle 
David and yourself also have that rare ability these days to listen carefully to myself as Client which I personally find very reassuring and I am sure other Clients do as well. I am sure we can do some more Business in the Future now we know that we are in Safe Hands with Oakmount. 
Meen Onihava 
Certified Bookkeeper BA (Hons) MICB CB.Dip PM.Dip 
I have been bookkeeping for Oakmount and Partners Ltd since its inception and I have known the director, Mr. Glenn King, for a few years before that. In my opinion, I believe the company acts with financial integrity and responsibility. 
Radha Sivagnanam 
The service I have received from Oakmount partners has been prompt helpful and friendly. Whenever I have had queries or needed information Oakmount has gone out of its way to try and answer my questions or provide relevant information. Overall, I have been happy with the service I have received from them. 
Winston Balfort 
I found Oakmount quite flexible with my situation which may well have been a little more complex than others due to having a daughter at University and having to pay fees as well as other costs. 
A solution was worked out which I was happy with and which has enabled me to invest in a project that I hope to see a good return on in the future. The key difference I found was the emphasis on relationship building as opposed to just wanting me to invest in a scheme. 
There has been lots of good contact between Oakmount and myself which I expect to continue in the long term. 
Doug Lee, Amec Foster 
I have been investing with Oakmount and Partners now for over 3 years and can confirm that the service offered has been to a high standard at all times. They are always available to discuss any issue or concern that I have and are always very prompt with their replies. 
I have always found that they have offered good professional service and have never tried to mis-sell an investment product or claim unrealistic returns (which unfortunately is all too common with many unregulated and unscrupulous financial advisors keen to make a quick profit). They would always inform me of any risk profile of an investment product. 
They have provided continuity throughout the last 3+ years and it is quite heartening to know that when I have made contact I will know that David or Glenn will be there to respond or call back. Many others within the financial industry that I have had dealings with have quick turnover of staff and no continuity and hence no real understanding of my investment aims. I believe that Oakmount and Partners operate both ethically and to an acceptable standard within the financial industry and would be happy to recommend them to other investors similar to myself. Good luck with your plans. Thanks and regards, 
Tim Weaver 
I have always found my dealings with Oakmount to be conducted professionally, competently and courteously. In particular, Glenn King has always been responsive to my needs and has only suggested appropriate investments, with no 'hard sell'. 
Ramesh Dabasia 
It has been a pleasure so far working with Oakmount &Partners, I find the business very knowledgeable on forthcoming markets and their professionalism in investigating potential areas of growth income. 
Ron Simpson 
Apologies for the inordinate delay in responding to you, but I hope the following will be of use to you. It really is just a few words. I have recently made a small investment through Oakmount & Partners. I have found the degree of personal attention I have received from the company remarkable. Although my account with the firm is of very modest size, my consultant has been at pains to explain everything to me both in terms of my own investment and the general state of the market - even the effect of recent political developments. Frequent communications by telephone reflect Oakmount's determination to ensure that their clients are happy with the progress of their investment. 

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