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What is compliance? 
Compliance in the softest terms means rules – in this instance, these are rules for the benefit of you and Oakmount and Partners. 
Oakmount and Partners see compliance as an act of responsibility and transparency towards our customers. 
In all aspects of life, we find rules telling us what is right and wrong - this also goes for the financial world; with this in mind, Oakmount and Partners understand that not all products are equally suited for all objectives. Also, the rules we at Oakmount have in place must ensure that we can obtain the necessary information to offer you the best possible service. 
Compliance excellence is a standard we have in all that we do; that's why all of our Customers trust their success directly to us. 
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Working to a simple and transparent 8 step process allows Oakmount and Partners to be continuous and regimented in our compliance policy. 
This transforms into: 
Using common sense 
Knowing our customers (KYC) 
Knowing what we are dealing with 
Giving clear, fair and not misleading information 
Balancing our communication 
Creating an informed basis for your decision-making 
Preventing money laundering 
Acting appropriately 
Our aim is to achieve long-term success by being the best company we possibly can for our customers and by generating sustainable returns. 
Oakmount and Partners are committed to achieving long-term success by being strategically positioned to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise and in delivering sustainable returns to our customers over the long-term. 
Business is all about the customer: what the customer wants and what they get. Generally, every customer wants a product or service that solves their problem, is worth their money and is delivered with amazing customer service. 
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