What market risks keep billionaires up at night? 
In today's video we take a look at the top concerns of billionaires, and 
the actions they are taking to position their portfolios to succeed in 
any market environment. 
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Investing is like planting a tree. You water it for years, & then one 
day it doesn’t need you anymore. 
Its roots are implanted deep enough that the tree provides shade for 
your enjoyment. 
At Oakmount, we believe it's imperative to take control of your 
financial affairs early on, which can lead to much more financial 
freedom long-term for you & your family. 
In the long run, it’s not how much money you make that will 
determine your future prosperity. 
It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving it & wisely 
investing it. 
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We can give you access to premium quality investment opportunities, 
help with investment management and put together investment 
strategies using our advanced analytics software, expertise, and global contacts. 
Our consultancy professionals deal with investment opportunities in 
some of the biggest and most popular asset classes around the globe, 
With investment yields ranging from 7 to 12% annually, we're suitably 
placed to add real significance to your portfolio. 
So, join us and experience a relationship that goes way beyond your 
At Oakmount you'll find we are as reliable as the ebb and flow of 
the ocean reaching the shore. Entirely dedicated to your financial 
well-being and success. 
We believe the key to establishing more ease in life is by cultivating 
relationships you can rely on to bring happiness & fulfilment into your 
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To all of our clients, we are who we are because of your commitment and loyalty over the last 10’years. 
Without you, our growth and ability to thrive would cease to exist. You make all of the hard work, patience and focus pay off. 
To our clients present and those who are not we owe you a deep sense of gratitude that goes way beyond the gesture of being thankful. 
We continue to yield the benefits & rewards of our hard work, daily because of you. 
Here’s to a prosperous year-end as we raise a toast to all of you who have offered their unwavering dedication to us for the last decade. 
Oakmount. Join us and prosper. 
Exceptional service with a personal touch. 
I’ve found that the more you offer support to your clients the more satisfied they become. 
Sometimes the best discoveries in understanding your customers are the result of simple 
''It is exceptionally important to appreciate the process of building long-term relationships, for it’s the very foundations upon which growth and success are built.'' 
Great relationships take time to build and once you have satisfied customers you have the best 
advertisement of all.  
We create for our clients, we need not compete. - Glenn King. 
“The ‘Regal Seven (key) Ingredients of a Successful Company’ is: 
1) Pursue the goal of 'Profit Maximisation' keeping in mind the shareholders' interests. 
2) To be achieved by developing and rendering Quality Goods and Services at a Reasonable Price. 
3) By inculcating Value and Ethics within the structure. 
4) Through Sound People Management principles devised and effectively implemented. 
5) Further organizing Learning Programs and instil the concept of ‘Learning and Earning’ 
6) Develop/Construct Customer Satisfaction. 
7) Build-Build-Build; Build vision-based values, Build your staff, Build customer satisfaction; and witness your organisation being built in the market.” 
― Henrietta Newton Martin. 
Our team getting prepared for a black tie dinner event we organised for our clients. 
As a business, we find that by being in social situations with our investors enables us to learn and understand them all in a far more personal fashion which is pivotal to success in our eyes. 
Business is about learning, enjoyment, vision, focus, commitment & dedication for the greater good of building growth within an establishment. 
Our clients have supported us for close to 10 years and it is precisely because of them that we 
are where we are today. We owe everything to them, they are the backbone of our business. 
Thank you. 
In all areas of our business, we look for the multiplier opportunities where we can go a little 
further, push ourselves a little harder, last a little longer, prepare a little better, and deliver a 
little bit more to all of our loyal customers. 
The question we regularly ask ourselves as a business is - Where can we do better and more than expected and when can we do the totally unexpected. 
We try to find as many opportunities to create 'WOW,' moments for our customers and attending the Essex and Suffolk ball was just one opportunity that will be remembered by all of our customers who attended. 
''Everyday is the same day, except its reward and opportunities'' 
''A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so''. ~ Mahatma Gandhi 
At Oakmount and Partners, we're taking our customers to a 
‘’higher financial altitude, by delivering success through 
Our aim is simple, we seek to optimise investment performance over 
the medium to long term without exposing our customers to 
unnecessary risk. 
With opportunities leading out to 2021 and beyond, we believe we are suitably placed to make a difference to the many clients we serve, by yielding a greater rate of return on investment for them, whilst maintaining the personal & professional level of service we have given since our inception some 10'years ago. 
How Billionaires are Preparing for the Next Bear Market. 
No one likes to lose money, even if you have billions to spare. 
It’s why the prospect of a bear market – a prolonged downturn which sees stock prices fall by at least 20% over two months or more – is something that keeps even the world’s most elite investors awake at night. 
To hedge against this concern, the world’s billionaires use a variety of strategies and tactics to protect their wealth, including setting up their portfolios with specific asset allocations that can help soften any blow caused by an extended market downturn. 
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