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Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
At Oakmount, we aim to teach you powerful lessons on how to maximise the chances of achieving sustainable gains while minimising potential losses. 
A strong-minded approach to investment, firmly based on 
the margin-of-safety principle can yield handsome rewards. 
There is intelligent speculation as there is intelligent investing 
& the secret to your financial success is inside yourself. 
Oakmount. Maximising our members' financial well-being. 
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
“The richest persons are those who give the most in service to others.” 
Financial wealth is only one measure of success. The truly happy and successful individual is the man or woman who is healthy, financially secure, challenged in his or her career, and is making a difference in the lives of others. 
It isn’t always easy to render service to others. The world is a cynical and dangerous place where others are likely to mistrust your motives. 
They can be convinced only by consistent, sustained, outstanding service that is enthusiastically and cheerfully offered. 
In time, even the most cynical individual will come to accept your willingness to go the extra mile if you are sincere in your offers of assistance and in the service you provide. 
Oakmount. The driving force behind your success. 
Delivering opportunity and connecting with customers since 2009. 
Building a brighter future, investing together. 
Here at Oakmount, we believe there are “Seven Ways To Get Ahead in Business: 
1. Be forward-thinking 
2. Be inventive, and daring 
3. Do the right thing 
4. Be honest and straight forward 
5. Be willing to change, to learn, to grow 
6. Work hard and be yourself 
7. Lead by example 
Enjoy a higher return on investment by joining us, & our elite group of sophisticated, like-minded investors. 
Oakmount. Where strong yields come as standard. 
Any fool can criticise, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. – Dale Carnegie. 
Even the most popular people including celebrities, artists, business magnets and the highly successful have their detractors. Because we are all different, with differing interests and personalities, it is simply impossible for anyone to be beloved by every individual who knows him or her. 
If your mission in life is to make everyone like you, great disappointment is in store.  
But if you are always kind and considerate in your dealings with others, they may not like you, but it will be impossible for them to dislike you. 
You can cement your relationships with others by making sure that you are a person of character, one who is predictably honest, straightforward, and ethical. 
When you follow such a code of conduct, you may not be sought out by others who do not share your value, but you will be respected by all who know you. ― Napoleon Hill 
“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ― Winston Churchill. 
The ambitious & successful among us are criticised by those who have given up. ― Grant Cardone. 
Oakmount. Where character & integrity live. 
Oakmount and Partners Essex
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
Warren Buffett is the godfather of modern-day investing. For nearly 50 years, Buffett has run Berkshire Hathaway, which owns over 60 companies, like Geico and Dairy Queen, plus minority stakes in Apple, Coca-Cola, and many others.  
His $82.5 billion fortune makes him the third richest person in the world. And he's vowed to give nearly all of it away. The Oracle of Omaha is here to talk about what shaped his investment strategy and how to master today's market. 
Welcome to a special edition of "Influencers" from Omaha, Nebraska. It's my pleasure to welcome Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. Source: Yahoo Finance. 
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
A solid financial plan is a powerful possession that offers a sense of peace and freedom which when used decisively can create vast wealth. 
Our process allows us to determine appropriate strategies for our customers which helps them understand how to achieve their goals and live the life they desire. At Oakmount, we lead by example. 
The goal is to accumulate enough money in Savings and Investments so that when you retire, the money accumulated can be used to pay for your future lifestyle requirements. 
Retirement planning seems hard for most people to do, but it is not rocket science and can be easily understood when following simple guidelines. 
‘’Finding Money Maturity means resolving your inner conflicts around money and it really comes down to discovering a sense of ease around money’’ 
The strength of your personal financial resources is equivalent to the quality of your financial decision making. 
Oakmount. Helping you reach your financial goals. 
Warren Buffett has been and continues to be a role model for millions of investors across the globe. His rich investment history going back to as far as 11 years old when bought his first stock, his impressive story has been used in hundreds of speeches globally, with every investor, beginner or pro, being asked to emulate him. 
However, who is Warren Buffet? In this video, we are going to look into the life of the man known as the “Oracle of Omaha”, highlighting the investments and decisions he made to become one of the richest and most respected businessmen in the world. Source: Practical Wisdom. 
“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble” ― Warren Buffett. 
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
Lunch at The Ritz with Alan, one of our clients and a dear friend who has supported us day in and day out. 
We believe that time spent in leisure with our clients and friends is extremely important in building a long-term, fruitful relationship. 
We have been both blessed and gifted in so many ways in business but nothing fills us with greater pleasure than delivering results that exceed our customers' expectations. 
We believe in the saying 'you are the company you keep.' and so by partnering with us, the odds are in your favour. 
All that we are and all that we ever hope to be, we owe to all of you who have supported us over the last ten years. 
For that, we are eternally grateful and we look forward to many more years of prosperity. 
Join us and you'll experience exceptional service first-hand and with yields of up to 12% annually, we're making MORE possible. 
Delivering opportunity and connecting with customers since 2009. 
Building a brighter future, investing together. 
Oakmount. Life's better when we're connected... 
Oakmount and Partners Essex
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
In this world that is asleep, we dare to be different! 
We dare to DREAM! 
We dare to DREAM BIGGER!!! 
BIGGER than what society says is possible for life!!! In this world of lazy, uninspired people… We dare to be passionate. 
We dare to TALK LESS and WORK MORE. 
We dare to TAKE ACTION on everything we’ve been planning to do. 
Everything we want to achieve: WE GO & GET IT! 
WE GO ALL IN for our goals. 
WE SACRIFICE for our dreams! 
WE SACRIFICE ourselves, for you, our clients whom we call our dear friends. 
Oakmount. Helping you reach your financial goals is our passion. 
Delivering opportunity and connecting with customers since 2009. 
Building a brighter future, investing together. 
Oakmount and Partners Essex
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
At Oakmount, we view investing as a method of purchasing assets to gain profit in the form of income and to generate capital appreciation over the long term. 
An asset is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and the value of an asset is defined by the cash it will generate over its life. 
''Life is simple but if you don't put anything 
into it, you won't get anything out of it.” 
Oakmount. Building assets over liabilities... 
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
Our commitment to you, our clients. 
In this world full of conformity… We dare to be different. 
We dare to stand out. We dare to stand tall. To stand firm. 
We dare to walk in the direction we know is right for our customers and our business. The direction we know is RIGHT… 
In this world full of followers… We dare to be a leader. 
An innovator. A game changer. 
We dare to stop following the crowds. To stop following trends. 
We dare to use our intuition and to deliver service excellence in every area of our business. 
Oakmount. We dare to be great. For you... 
Delivering opportunity and connecting with customers since 2009. 
Building a brighter future, investing together. 
Sculpted from experience, built for success. 
At Oakmount, our customers have the opportunities to learn, grow, explore, & interact with industry professionals who can assist them in building a prosperous future. 
We know that the best solutions result from the ideas & contributions of a diverse team. Diversity strengthens our foundations, enabling us to deliver better opportunities and investment returns. 
Business is ultimately about people and we can't be effective in business without first having an insight into our customers' financial ambitions & needs. 
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