Investing in commodities means investing in the raw materials of the Earth. 

Commodities can refer to materials that are consumed directly (such as food), natural resources such as agriculture, oil, gas, and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. 

Investing in a commodity is like no other investment. Commodities are often diversified and aren’t easily affected by other investment opportunities. One of the reasons commodity investment is so popular with investors is that they can help you better manage market volatility. Commodities are sometimes referred to as the ‘fifth asset class’ after cash, bonds, shares, and property. Commodities can refer to energy sources, and energy investments such as oil and natural gas in particular. 

How Oakmount and Partners’ investment experts can help you find the best commodity investing opportunities. 

Investing in commodities can be tricky without the right contacts and knowledge of the many industries commodities fall under. Our experienced and knowledgeable investing commodity experts and managers can help you to: 
Choose the commodities with the best return on investment (ROI). 
The commodities market is complex and many factors can influence returns. Bad weather, for example, can have a big impact on the demand and price of commodities in the agricultural sector. 
While the uncertainty of the Brexit vote led to a huge jump in the price of gold. Our team study the international market closely. They will be able to consult on the most rewarding, lowest-risk commodities. 
Decide on the type of investment best suited to you. 
There are many ways to invest in commodities out there. Including through Exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, futures contracts, company stocks & IPO's that are closely-aligned to a commodity, and the physical assets. 
Each type can be complex for beginners and even more experienced investors. They each have different risk levels, margin requirements, and contract parameters. 
We will help you choose the right investment ‘type’ for you via our associates who are an established FCA authorised business. 
Choose the right brokerage and determine the size of your investment. 
We will help you allocate money to your investment in the most logical and sensible way, and make you aware of any additional fees. 

The commodity market can be overwhelmingly complex. So let our team of expert consultants do the hard work for you. 

At Oakmount and Partners, we work closely with our colleagues in various sectors of the commodity markets, making sure we are always up-to-date with the latest developments & project insights. 

Oakmount and Partners is a truly global business, connected all over the world. If you are an experienced investor, let us help you find and choose the right commodity investment opportunities for you.  
Contact Us today and we can get started. 
Commodities are just one of the many investment opportunities that we can help you with. Our expert consultants can help you invest in land acquisition & development, commercial & residential properties, IPO's and the energy market. 

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