At Oakmount, we have the power, talent & vision to help you succeed & create wealth.. 


Welcome to Oakmount and Partners Ltd, your award-winning premier investment consultants.   Oakmount was incorporated in 2009, with the goal and ambition to become a globally recognised financial institution which aims to deliver more to its customers.  We provide premium-quality investment opportunities to our clients, consisting of Ultra-High-Net-Worth, High-Net-Worth, Professional and Sophisticated investors, along with corporate platforms, entrepreneurs and intermediaries.  We are proud to be a Trustpilot Certified business with an Excellent 5 Star Rating.   If you are looking to get started, and you are an experienced investor, our investment consulting and management team are here to assist you.  We can give you access to bespoke investment opportunities, help with investment management and put together investment strategies using our advanced analytics software, expertise, and global contacts.  Our consultancy professionals deal with investment opportunities in some of the biggest and most popular asset classes daily. Including asset allocation and management of land acquisition & development, commercial and residential properties, commodities, the energy sector, and IPO's.  ''Experience the power of us'' 

Globally Connected and Personally Invested 
Our primary target is to ensure we continue to deliver unparalleled levels of professional service to our customers and stakeholders by providing investments that have the ability to 'outperform' many traditional high-street opportunities. 
Premium Quality 
As such, we focus our attention on 'premium quality' tangible, asset-backed investment opportunities for our customers, with annual yields ranging from 7-12%, paid quarterly & bi-annually to investors. For further information or to discuss things in more detail please. 
With the Bank of England base rate being at an unprecedented low, now is the time to take advantage  
of market opportunities in achieving stronger investment yields. 




    OUR VISION     

Oakmount can take you to a higher financial altitude by delivering 'Success through Partnership'. 

Proven investment consulting expertise on your side of 
the table. 
Investment decisions and decision-making is easier, more efficient, and better with 
our investment managers, who will always have your best interests in mind. Our 
investment analysts and investment consultants take careful risk management 
steps to provide lucrative short-term and long-term success for our clients. 
With our scale and breadth of operations into global market insights, our 
consulting services can help you to: 
Find the right investment opportunities. 
Put together a stringent portfolio structure. 
Implement an efficient investment strategy. 
Research and find information on markets all over the world. 
Determine strategic asset allocation. 
Invest after-tax. 
Stay ahead of any unnecessary risks. 
And with yields of up to 12% annually, in a variety of tangible asset classes, we 
believe that we're suitably placed to add real significance to your investment 
''Delivering our clients with 'Higher-Yields' is part of our DNA and as a business, we continually aim to exceed their expectations every day.'' 
- Glenn King CEO. 
Oakmount. ''Our knowledge is your wealth.'' 
Investment consultancy with a global reach... 
Though we are based in Essex, we are a truly globally connected team. Our investment consultants have contacts and connections in an array of markets all over the world. 
We pride ourselves in our assessment of long-term investment returns across different asset classes, and for serving our clients as best as we can as we aim to build a strong and lasting relationship with them for many years to come. 
If you would like to work with us, please Contact Us today. 
Our investment criteria may consist of, but is not limited to: 
Experience & Track Record of Project Providers 
If The Investment Is Asset-Backed & Secure 
If The Investment Generates Regular Income 
If The Investment Generates Capital Growth Upside 
If The Investment Has a Defined Exit Upon Maturity 
Oakmount. ''Where distinction lives.'' 
Oakmount consultants Essex
Join us and you'll find that our knowledge could very well be the engine of your wealth. Oakmount. Delivering investment solutions to 'Advance your Finances.' 

We Provide Responsible Investments In  Land Acquistion & Development, Commercial & Residential Property, Comm0dities, Energy & IPO's 

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