Whether you're in pursuit of stable fixed-income streams or robust capital growth, Oakmount stands as your competitive advantage, dedicated to sourcing the pinnacle of returns on investment. 
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In a recent interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion, Glenn King, CEO of Oakmount and Partners, unveiled an ambitious five-year target, to secure £50 million earmarked for strategic investments in real estate, green technologies, and industries with transformative long-term potential. 
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Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom with Oakmount and Partners Limited. Your Trusted Partner for Investment Consulting and Wealth Creation.  As an esteemed, award-winning business, we have proudly served our private clients for almost two decades and are dedicated to helping them achieve their long-term financial goals. Our commitment to excellence over this period has earned us numerous accolades and industry recognition.  To learn more - schedule a call with our team.  "At Oakmount and Partners, we are not just entrepreneurs; we are seasoned investors with a mission to support the ideas, industries, and individuals shaping the future. Join us in ushering in a new era of growth and investment, where innovation and vision meet opportunity." Glenn King, Founder and CEO.  ''Oakmount and Partners is a client-centric business'' 

Driven by your passion to succeed 
''Our team of investment professionals is passionate about what we do.'' 
We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results for our private clients and we can help you navigate the complex investing world to achieve your financial objectives. 
At Oakmount, we introduce premium-quality investment opportunities to private clients, consisting of High-Net-Worth, Professional and Sophisticated investors, corporate platforms, entrepreneurs and intermediaries. 
We can give you access to bespoke investment opportunities, help with investment management and put together investment strategies using our advanced analytics software, expertise, and global contacts. 
An investment consultancy with global reach 
We are proud to be a Certified business with an  
Excellent 5 Star review rating.  
Join our community of satisfied clients and discover your path to financial freedom with Oakmount and Partners Limited. 
Our consulting and management team will assist you as you start your investment journey with Oakmount and Partners in creating long-term, sustainable wealth for you and your family. 
Our consultancy professionals deal with investment opportunities in some of the biggest asset classes daily, including clean energy, commodities, green technology, land acquisition & development,  
private equity, property, tech and IPOs. 
Globally Connected and Personally Invested 
Our primary target is to ensure we continue to deliver unparalleled levels of professional service to our customers and stakeholders by providing investments that have the ability to 'outperform' many traditional  
high-street opportunities. 
Premium Quality 
As such, we focus our attention on 'premium quality' tangible, asset-backed investment opportunities for our customers, with attractive annual yields paid quarterly & bi-annually to investors. For further information or to discuss things in more detail please. 
''Our business has earned a reputation for integrity, trust, and excellence in the investment community,  
giving you peace of mind knowing you are working with the best.'' 
''Don't live life without us'' 

  14 As a business we have been operating successfully in the finance and investment industry for 14 years.     

  100 We have helped support over 100 companies with their fund raising efforts.     

  £500m Over the years we have helped collectively raise in excess of £500 million for various companies globally.   

  25 To date we have received 25 achievement awards for our services in the investment industry, earning us numerous accolades for our business acumen.     

Oakmount can take you to a higher financial altitude by delivering 'Success through Partnership'. 

Proven investment consulting expertise on your side of 
the table. 
Investment decisions and decision-making is easier, more efficient, and better with 
our investment consultants, who will always have your best interests in mind. Our 
investment analysts and investment consultants take careful risk management 
steps to provide lucrative short-term and long-term success for our clients. 
With our scale and breadth of operations into global market insights, our 
consulting services can help you to: 
Explore the right investment opportunities for you. 
Create a rigid portfolio structure. 
Implement an efficient investment strategy. 
Research and find information on markets all over the world. 
Determine strategic asset allocation. 
Invest after-tax. 
Stay ahead of any unnecessary risks. 
And with attractive annual yields in a variety of tangible asset classes, we believe we're suitably placed to add real significance to your investment portfolio. 
''Delivering our clients with 'Higher-Yields' is part of our DNA, and as a business, we continually aim to exceed their expectations every day.'' 
- Glenn King, Managing Director. 
Oakmount. Our knowledge is your wealth. 
An investment consultancy with a global reach... 
Though we are based in Essex, we are a truly globally connected team. Our investment consultants have contacts and connections in an array of markets all over the world. 
We pride ourselves in our assessment of long-term investment returns across different asset classes, and for serving our clients as best as we can as we aim to build a strong and lasting relationship with them for many years to come. 
If you would like to partner with us, please Contact Us today. 
Our investment criteria may consist of, but is not limited to: 
Experience & Track Record of Project Owners 
If The Investment Is Asset-Backed & Secure 
If The Investment Generates Regular Income 
If The Investment Generates Capital Growth Upside 
If The Investment Has a Defined Exit Upon Maturity 
Oakmount. Where distinction lives. 
As a discerning investor, you understand the importance of making informed investment decisions that align with your financial goals.  
Our investment consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you achieve that. We are dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your unique financial objectives.  
With our extensive global market insights and resources, we can help you identify the right investment opportunities, construct a well-structured portfolio, and implement an efficient investment strategy that maximises your potential returns. 
Join us and you'll find that our knowledge could very well be the engine of your wealth. Delivering investment solutions to 'Advance your Finances.' since 2009. 

We Introduce Responsible Investments In  Commodities, Clean Energy, Green Technology, Land Acquisition & Development,  Property, Renewables, Tech & IPOs.  

Oakmount Partners
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