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''When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir up all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity.''  
― Robert Greene. 
Our experiences in life and business mould us, and they don’t just tell the story of Oakmount and Partners as a firm, they also communicate the strength and depth of the 'Values' that have underpinned Oakmount from the very beginning. 
In life, we all only have so much energy and so much time to spend. 
''Every moment wasted on the affairs of those who seek to immitate and destroy you subtracts from your strength.'' ―Glenn King. 
At Oakmount and Partners, we have always maintained our independence and self-reliance which in turn has gained us more respect among our clients, and places our business in a position of strength from which we can choose to help others on our own initiative. 
“Once you step into a fight that is not of your choosing, you lose all initiative. The combatants' interests become your interests; you become their tool. Learn to control yourself, to restrain your natural tendency to join the fight. With every battle, they grow weaker, while you grow stronger with every battle you avoid.” ― Robert Greene. 
Oakmount and Partners were incorporated by the managing director Glenn King in December 2009, aiming to become a globally recognised financial institution, delivering unparalleled levels of professional service to its clients and stakeholders. Since its inception, the company has flourished in areas whilst facing some unforeseen hurdles in other regions due to our company being cloned in 2014/15. 
At this time, it was very unsettling for us as a company and as a brand because it prohibited our activities whilst we engaged with Action Fraud/Police and the FCA. They then investigated matters, further assisting us as a business to find those responsible for the cloning. 
Unfortunately, this is something that the FCA explained is on the increase 'year on year' owing to new stats and figures released here in the UK for identity theft and cloning. 
As with all businesses today, challenges can arise at varying scales and can be down to a number of things, but most commonly the following are the main obstacles in today's hectic business environments: 
Uncertainty about the future. 
Financial management. 
Monitoring performance. 
Market fluctuations. 
Competitor assassination. 
Regulation and compliance. 
Competencies and recruiting the right talent. 
Exploding data. 
Customer service. 

Excellence in customer service is our minimum standard.  

During these times of learning and experience, we have remained proactive and upright in our management style and approach towards all business activity. As a firm built on its strength of will and character, we took stock of the situation and the challenges it presented and systematically worked our way through the varying issues. Safe as to say we are here and with hunger more extraordinary than ever to succeed for many more years to come. 
Building Oakmount and Partners as a brand was always about creating a legacy and something that would be around long after the founders have passed. 
All that we have incurred as a long-standing business are a testament to others that we are human and that, unfortunately, challenges, both good and bad, can strike anyone at any time. The actual test of character lay not in the challenges themselves but rather the resilience displayed in facing them whilst being proactive and steadfast in your approach towards resolve. 
Since 2018 whilst rebuilding the brand, we have been present for the many people we act as a custodian for and remain their pillar of support when they need us to assist with their holdings. 
Investment is committed and made in people and companies who have learned from their challenges because it has made them stronger and more resilient, traits a great many people admire. In business and our personal lives, we only fail if we lose hope and give up. That is not something we as a firm would ever do, as we have people counting on us, and it is for precisely this reason, we will deliver positively for many more years to come. 
As a firm, Oakmount and Partners are more than ten years old, and we have displayed a level of maturity beyond complementary to any business. 
We have been sculpted from all of our experiences and use them to improve our business in building that path to eminent success. -Glenn King - Managing Director. 

All that we are, and all that we ever hope to be, we owe to our customers. 

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