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Whether you're in pursuit of stable fixed-income streams or robust capital growth, Oakmount stands as your competitive advantage, dedicated to sourcing the pinnacle of returns on investment.  
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UK commercial & residential property 
UK land acquisition & development 
Electric vehicle tech & renewables 
Agriculture, commodities & strategic minerals 
Clean energy & green technology 
Initial public offerings (IPOs) & private equity 
We can give you access to globally diversified investment opportunities in the following market sectors: 
UK Commercial & residential property  
UK Land acquisition & development  
Clean energy 
Fixed-income & bonds 
Green technology 
Tech industry 
Private equity and IPOs 
Which are specifically designed to: 
Preserve your capital 
Reduce volatility & improve returns 
Use diversification to increase performance 
Generate regular income & capital growth 
Capture significant growth potential 
''The right relationship is everything.'' 
Oakmount. Your personal connection to a stronger 
financial future.  
and have the following key highlights for your consideration: 
Attractive Investment returns annually 
Returns paid quarterly & bi-annually 
Asset-backed & secured 
Established businesses 
Proven track records of performance 
Very experienced teams of professionals 
Highly-proficient corporate platform 
Industry experts with illustrious track record 
Investments with defined exits upon maturity 
Significant upside potential in private equity  

''At Oakmount and Partners, we present a unique avenue for financial growth through our private equity and fixed-income Investments.''  Oakmount and Partners Ltd. Established in 2009. Building assets over liabilities. 

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