Let us find the best residential property opportunities for you. 

Residential investment properties are a popular way for investors to supplement their income through monthly rents. 
Investors commonly purchase single-family homes, apartments, flats, townhouses, building complexes and other residential property types. Residential investment is popular because investors often earn a return on their investment through rental income, resale of the property, or both. 
A residential investment property opportunity can be a long-term or short-term endeavor. Investors often engage in a process called ‘flipping’ where residential properties are bought, remodeled or renovated, and sold on again in a short period of time. 
How Oakmount Partners can help find the best residential investment property opportunities for you 
Residential property can reward investors with good rental yields and capital growth -- providing the investments are made with the right consultation. Even experienced investors can experience pitfalls without expert knowledge to fall back on. 
We can help you to: 
Identify the best residential property investment opportunities. Our wealth of knowledge and contacts in the residential property market means our financial experts can help you to get to know which residential investment property opportunities let most easily in any given location. We can also help with the other essential services that you will need when purchasing a buy-to-let property (such as property investment business plans). 
Protect and maximise your ROI. The trick to making as much money as possible is knowing how to maintain and update your buy-to-let property. We can help you to do this without it having a negative impact on your return on investment. 
Keep an eye on any changes in legislation. Legislation changes all the time and can be complicated. In the UK, for example, there are slightly different transaction taxes in Scotland than in England and Wales. Legislation can also mean increased costs and more changes that need making. Our experts constantly stay up to date with these legislation changes, so you do not have to. 
In order to find the right residential investment property opportunity for you, and to gain maximum capital growth, knowledge is key. That is why at Oakmount Partners our experts work closely with the residential property market and private investors to make sure we have the right contacts and the necessary experience to succeed. 
We are a truly global business, connected all over the world. We will find the best residential property opportunities for you. 
Whether it is your first time investing, or even if you are an experienced investor, let us help you find and choose the right residential investment property opportunity. Contact Us today and we can get started. 
Try out our investment property return calculator to quickly assess suitable investment opportunities. 
Residential property is just one of the asset classes that our experts can consult on. We also provide expert consultancy on investment in commercial properties, the commodity market, IPOs, and the energy market (such as oil and gas).  
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Our expert consultants have contacts all over the world in residential property markets. 

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