Responsible investing in property. 

Property investment is one of the most popular types of investment because it is so profitable and less risky compared to other types of asset class. But property investment can be risky if aren’t sure what it is you are doing. 
At Oakmount Partners, our job is to help property investors find the best possible investment opportunities and solutions, ones that suit their interests and meet their needs. 
To do this we make it our priority to get to know you, to learn about your current financial status, ambitions, and the type of investment opportunities you are interested in. 
Once we have compiled an in-depth personal profile of yourself, we will then make use of our advanced client profiling tools to find highly personalised, profitable property investment opportunities. We will assist you in creating a bespoke investment portfolio that meets with your individual and unique requirements. 
We use socially responsible practices to put together property investment strategies that find opportunities for investors looking to gain the best market appreciation and rental potential possible. All of the opportunities that we introduce to our clients are either secured or asset-backed -- and sometimes both. 
Why you should invest in property today 
Today’s financial climate shows encouragement towards investment in property. There is not much profit to be made in a savings account because interest rates are so low -- which doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. 
Because the stock market can be unpredictable, many investors choose to put their money in the lucrative and low-risk property market. 
As the old saying goes: property investment is as “safe as houses”. Well, so long as you are diligent in your endeavours towards property and selection of the right opportunities. 
There are many ways to earn money from property investments. Including: 
Rental income -- Also known as the 'buy-to-let' strategy. If you invest in a property, you can let property. Earn money from rental income by letting it out to a tenant. 
Selling for a profit -- Also known as the 'capital gains' method. If you buy a property, you can then sell it on as the property prices go up (profiting from the capital growth). 
Investing in an investment trust; investment company or fund -- If you invest in a fund that is investing in property, you can earn money as the fund earns money. 
The BRRRR strategy (Buy, Refurbishment, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). 
Why you should choose Oakmount Partners as the consultants for your property investments 
The investors we consult receive, on average, annual rental yields (returns) of 12% every year. Noticeably higher and more profitable than the average of 8%. 
All of the opportunities we identify are from a cash flow perspective. Our investors will benefit from cash flows on a quarterly and bi-annual basis. 
Our property experts at Oakmount Partners are truly global in their scope. We search all over the world for the least risky but most attractive property investing and property value opportunities. 
We also have a great record of finding real estate investment in the UK, such as in the city centres of Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester; London properties, and England and Wales more generally. Including residential properties, student properties, and commercial property. 
Whether it is your first time investing, or even if you are an experienced investor, let us help you find and choose the right opportunities in the property investment market. Contact Us today. 
Oakmount and Partners Essex
Oakmount Partners aim to preserve your capital and ensure capital growth on your investments. 
Visit our investor registration page for more information. Visit our corporate investing and code of conduct pages for more information about our socially responsible practices. 

Notable investment opportunities from a cash flow perspective. 

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