Let us help you find the right commercial property investment. 

It’s worthwhile to consider potential commercial property investment opportunities. Commercial property is not only an important asset class but a great way of diversifying risk in your investment portfolio. 
Commercial property values tend to move independently of other assets (such as money and equities) and do not tend to be affected by what’s going on in the stock markets. The leases in commercial property are often much longer than residential property, too. The average lease length in the UK is eight years, and in London it is common to find leases of up to 15 years
How Oakmount Partners can help find the right commercial property investment opportunities for you 
Even if you have a lot of experience in investment, commercial property investment can be made unnecessarily risky without the right help from the experts. 
That’s why at Oakmount Partners we make it a priority to get to know our clients. Our expert consultants build out in-depth client investment portfolios that suit your interests. We can help you determine: 
The level of investment you want to make. There are different scales of commercial property investment opportunities, each with their own different amount of risk involved. We can help you to determine what you can afford, and find the best possible properties available within your budget. 
How to avoid hidden dangers. We can help you to avoid the pitfalls that snare inexperienced or unguided investors. The money you make can be affected by lots of not-so-obvious reasons, including: the location, infrastructure, the workforce that is available, unplanned vacancies within the commercial property, among other socio-economic factors. Our finance managers will consider all of these dangers and only recommend the most lucrative and sensible commercial property investment opportunities. 
Where, and how you should invest. There may be many reasons why you want to invest in a certain place. You could be familiar with it, or maybe it has a greater potential annual yield return. You might want to lease or purchase, or invest directly or indirectly (so the risk is spread more widely). Either way, we will make sure you know all of the pros and cons of each option, and help you weigh them up accordingly. 
Remember: finding the right commercial property investment opportunities, and selling commercial properties in order to maximise investment potential, requires an excellent understanding of the market. And lots of contacts in the industry. 
Oakmount Partners work closely with commercial property companies and private investors not just in London and the UK but all over the world. Our commercial property investment consultants will find the right opportunities for you. Whether it is your first time investing, or even if you are an experienced investor, let us help you find and choose the right commercial investment property opportunity. Contact Us today and we can get started. 
For a greater idea of the commercial property investment opportunities out there, take a look at our commercial investment property return calculator. 
Commercial property is just one of the asset classes that our experts can consult on. We also provide expertise on investing in commodities, IPOs, and the energy market (such as oil and gas).  
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Know where and when to invest with our expert consultants. 

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